Vincent - Producer of the team.

As being in the TV Media for about 15 years, he has produced many high rating TV programmes, like "Beautiful Cooking", "Jade Solid Gold", "Minutes 2 Fame", etc.
From year 2008-2009, he worked for EEG, one of the biggest
Music Entertainment company in HK, and produced a famous TV gameshow programme called "ICHIBAN Singers Street Battle", which is 50 episodes, and about 50 singers in HK played the game.


Kenny Tsang - Photographer

Kenny Tsang has been an eminent photographer for more than 20 years. KT was first known by his inspiring style as a fashion photographer. He then spent years on exploring a wide range of contemporary, artistic and classical portraits; paying his full attention on how to bring up the full potential of beauty from Male or Female figures.

KT has also devoted on training the younger wave of talented photographers. He also contributed by being the adjudicator of a few significant contest in Hong Kong e.g. Annual Awards of 2010.

Progressing from a fashion photographer, KT has recently been one of the hottest wedding photographer. Being famous of cultivating emotional framework and capturing touching moments, KT has always been referred as"the most fascinating memories capturer"by his clients
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Wing - Photography

Wing Au, an outstanding mixer in blending wedding photography and fashion in their perfect way.
Wing will make you shine brighter than ever in his celebrated style where vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion.
He not only has the uncanny ability to capture the natural magic of your wedding day but also creates magic of his own. By adding together with his passion in wedding photography
Showcase your wedding day as it is intended to be – glamorous, enchanting and celebrated in every precious way. it is easy to get to the conclusion that Wing is a photographer who is tailor-made for “Wedding In Fashion”

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Derek Ko - Photography

Derek educated in United Kingdom was influenced by western wedding photography which had shaped his artistic sense and style in his photos later on. Derek’s photo emphasizes the harmony between the subject, environment and atmosphere, creating art piece that is long lasting with a sense of classic and elegance.

Since 2012, Derek’s work has been featured on several wedding blogs such as ‘Style Me Pretty’,’ Bride and Breakfast’, ’Simply Peachy’ and ‘HK Magazine Wedding’.
With his dedication and enthusiasm, Derek sets out to provide you with highest quality of photographic work.
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Butterfly Professional

Established in 2010, Butterfly Professional is a professional wedding and pre-wedding photography studio lead by seasoned photographers Danny Tang and Telly Sun. With over 200 weddings under their belts, our goal is to bring out the best of our clientele with artistic intuition and technical proficiency.
In Butterfly Professional we believe in "think outside the box" approach.From the unique framing technique to the artistic retouching, our photographs are renewed for their intriguing depiction of lights and shadows. And with our portfolios span across Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai and Europe, we believe we can help our clients to "reach for the endless possibilities".

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Isabel Chiang

Isabel Chiang is a Hong Kong based Portrait & Wedding Photographer.
Since she was a child, Art and Photography has always been her passion. She has worked as a fine artist & photographer in Australia and Hong Kong for over 10 years.
What sets Isabel’s Photography apart from the other photographers is her sensibility, attention to details and the ability to capture the beauty and essence of each individual, documenting the feelings and love through her camera lens. She truly believes everyone is beautiful, and her job is to capture and enhance that beauty in her photography.

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Herz - Photography

In German, "herz" means heart. Serving our customers wholeheartedly and sincerely is what Herz Photography does. Our photographers Liszt Wong & Kenneth Lo learnt the Fine Art Photography skills from the top 30 Asian photographers.

Liszt Wong

He has always had a passion for photography, this passion grew in the last 10 years as he traveled Europe, South & North America, Asia, Australia and visited the galleries and exhibitions there, those oil painting and sculpture offer him eye-opening experience. His photography style is pretty much inspired by these masterpieces of art.

Kenneth Li

One of the photography competitions had changed his life, while he won the champion of “Ezone & Me Photo Competition". He believes " Simple is Beauty" and helps everyone to create good memories with their love stories from the photos.

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D.KEN LAM - Photographer

Hong Kong Photographer D.KEN LAM is a commercial, portrait & Wedding Photographer, he had over 8 year experience of portrait photography, he worked in studio so many year and he was good at the way to use game or movement to capture natural expressions.
In 2012-2014 he worked in venture studio and won several awards, included Best photographer of 2013 year and gold award.
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Ming Yung - Photographer

Hong Kong Top 15 Photographer. Save the beautiful moment is something I 've been deeply passionate about for years and enjoy every single second of the process. I strive to capture the true importance of who my clients are, with true emotion. This means really getting to know my clients and adding little extra effort to make my photo different.

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Keho Photography

Keho Photography is a special photographer, specializing in conceptual portraiture, wedding and landscapes.

After graduating , Keho freelanced for leading agencies where he developed a stunning portfolio highlighting his unique and unabashed style.

He started commercial shooting on artist and magazine in the 2007.

He is now in the final stages of creating a brand new body of work .

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Gipsy - Makeup Artiste

Gipsy is a makeup artist & hair stylist, the main work is wedding, magazine,fashion show, advertising, events, many times with various artists, models,celebrities and other cooperation. As a professional makeup artist with many years of experience and many happy clients her mobile bridal makeup services are available in Hongkong. Her style is vintage, simple elegant, Japanese style. Seriously her heart is the purpose of human shape. From natural to glamorous she can create any look and will leave you looking like a princess on the big day.

Being a bridal makeup artiste is not just her profession, but her passion.

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Koyi - Makeup Artiste

Having trained with some of the makeup industry's leading brands, Koyi has built up her specialist bridal hair and makeup artist experience to create her own Asian bridal makeup styles. This vast amount of makeup experience has allowed Koyi to explore her creativity with confidence leading to an exceptional client encounter and satisfaction. Keeping up to date with the latest fashions and makeup trends allows Koyi to offer her clients a variety of looks from the simplest to the most sophisticated, using colours to suit and enhance your natural beauty. Feel safe and relaxed in the hands of an expert who can give you the best advice on style, image and colour for your special day.

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SiuChung(小蟲)– Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

“Style to fit differential ” is the core value of SiuChung’s makeup philosophy. SiuChung’s sense of attention to details, diligence and dedication to works, capability of designing specific look and feel to suit different circumstances are the elements within her triumph throughout her years of experience.

Having the patience to seek and understand bride's needs and the ability to bring out bride’s full potential of natural beauty from latest trend with pens and brushes is what SiuChung known for.

The opportunity to be styled by SiuChung is a process of realizing who you are and who you can become than just “the paints on canvas”. The bond between you and her will not be momentarily, but forever.

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Joey Chim is a make-up Director in J's Beauty, she has studied fine art, art-design, make-up & hairdo in UK as well as Hollywood.

With 10 years of experience from bridal image design, make her famous in the industrial "Magic Hands of Art". She has worked with many Bridal & Fashion Magazines, Artists together with Well-known Brands in Cosmetics & Fashion.

Brands work with:
Canon . Calvin Klein . Clinique . Colour Eighteen . DKNY . Fresh Kon . Issue . IT . Kinji . Loreal Paris . Luk Fook Jewellery . Maybelline New York . MIOGGI . Neutrogena . Peach John . Reply . Revlon . Roxy . Skechers . TechnoMarine . United Color of Benetton

Magazines work with:
Jessica Code . Wedding . All About Wedding . Wedding Message . Wedding More . Bridal Image . MORE Magazine

She is also our Chief Tutor of bridal make-up courses and personal makeup classes. For more details and resume, pls visit



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Candy Lam

One of the Former and Chief Stylist of J'Classy Makeup Studio Candy has been working in the makeup and hair styling industry for more than 8 years. Her passion on makeup and styling makes her never tired and never stops!

Even though she have so much experience in Makeup and Hair Styling for Bridals, Magazines, Portraits, Videos, Variety Shows, Concerts or Medias, she is still willing to widen her experience by learning advance techniques from all over the world including Taiwan, USA Hollywood, London.. etc..., brings them back, improves it, and get it use for Hongkong Brides! With the "No boarder" on her creativities and professional techniques, Candy could definitely helps you to found a balance on styling between eternity and stylish image easily. For more details and resume, pls visit

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Rachel Chan

Rachel is a bridal makeup artist and hair stylist for wedding,commercials,catwalk shows,events and other cooperation. Her styles base on Japanese and Korean styles with natural,elegant and a feeling of lasting freshness. It makes you look absolutely fabulous,charming and feels like a princess on your big day in front of the camera and in real life.

To keep the lastest hairstyles and makeup is a fundamental for Rachel. She offers her clients a varlety if looks from the simplest to the most complicated who can totally feel comfortable and fully satisfled with her service as your bridal makeup artist and her stylist for your wedding day.

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